Canada invests in project to create SAF from biowaste at the University of Alberta

Natural Resources Canada announced a $2,890,000 investment in the University of Alberta’s biojet technology. The University of Alberta, along with project partners Alberta Innovates, FORGE Hydrocarbons Inc., Western Economic Diversification Canada, Future Energy Systems, CanmetENERGY Devon and Edmonton International Airport, are also providing funding toward this $7.4-million project. The investment will support the university’s Lipid-to-Hydrocarbon (LTH) technology by developing pathways to generate renewable jet fuel from a range of feedstocks, including waste materials from the restaurant and livestock industries. Led by inventor Dr. David Bressler, Professor at the University of Alberta, the LTH technology has the potential to reduce the aviation industry’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 90 percent. This will create a solution that is both safer and cleaner compared to traditional jet fuels, which are primarily derived from oil.

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